What is the Towing and Payload Capacity of the 2023 Ram 350 Pickup Truck?

2023 Ram 3500 towing am RV

2023 Ram 3500 Towing and Payload Capacity

The new heavy-duty pickup truck you’ve been searching for to help you tow and haul with ease while also providing you with the interior technology and comfort you want on the road has arrived. The 2023 Ram 3500 heavy-duty pickup truck is designed and built with the tough jobs in mind and offers you the power and capability to do just about anything you can imagine. With its powerful towing and hauling capacities, you’ll be able to tow large trailers and haul heavy payloads when choosing the new 2023 Ram 3500. Keep reading to learn more about how much the 2023 Ram 3500 can tow and how much it can haul to see just how powerful this heavy-duty pickup truck really is.

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How Much Can the 2023 Ram 3500 Tow?

The 2023 Ram 3500 retains its dominance in the heavy-duty pickup truck segment of the auto industry with its unbelievable towing power. When choosing the powerful 6.4L HEMI V8 gas engine, the 2023 Ram 3500 offers a maximum towing capacity of up to 8,260 kg (18,210 lbs). While this is an incredible amount of towing power, sometimes you need even more, and that’s where the turbo-diesel engine comes in. The High-Output 6.7L Cummins turbo-diesel I6 engine can deliver an available diesel towing capacity of up to 16,824 kg (37,090 lbs) when properly equipped. No matter which engine you choose in your new 2023 Ram 3500, you’ll get an enormous amount of towing power.

How Much Can the 2023 Ram 3500 Haul?

When the tough jobs call for a tough pickup truck, the heavy-duty 2023 Ram 3500 is there to help. You work hard, and if you want a new pickup truck that will work just as hard as you, the 2023 Ram 3500 is a perfect choice. The 2023 Ram 3500 can haul an incredibly heavy payload thanks to its high-resistance steel frame and its two powerful engine options. If you go with the 6.4L HEMI V8 gas engine, you’ll be able to haul a payload weighing up to 3,484 kg (7,680 lbs). While that may seem impressive, the High-Output 6.7L Cummins turbo-diesel I6 engine can haul even more with a payload rating of up to 3,134 kg (6,910 lbs).

If you want to drive a new heavy-duty pickup truck that can give you all the towing and hauling power you need to take care of the tough jobs, the 2023 Ram 3500 is it. To learn more about the new 2023 Ram 3500, please visit or contact Southside Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, today, to speak with a product specialist. You can even schedule a test drive in the 2023 Ram 3500 and take it out on the road if you really want to get a feel for its incredible power.

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