What Kind of Maintenance Does a 4×4 System Need?

2022 Jeep Wrangler driving over rocks

4×4 System Maintenance

If you drive a vehicle that has a 4×4 system (4WD) that helps you conquer the off-road trails and slick road surfaces, you’re probably wondering if there is anything you need to do to keep it in good working order. Servicing a 4×4 system is not like servicing a regular 2WD system. There are many components that require regular inspections and maintenance. From drive-shafts and transfer cases to many other 4WD components, the various components given to a 4×4 system are unique. They need to be serviced and maintained with every regular service maintenance.

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When you service your 4×4 system at Southside Dodge, the mechanic will inspect all the critical four-wheel drive (4WD) components of your vehicle. This will include but is not limited to, the u-joints, ball joints, gearbox, differential, transfer case fluids, driveshaft and many other important systems and components. Other important systems that need maintenance when servicing your 4×4 system include electronic sensors and brake lines.

Why Should You Service Your 4×4 System?

All vehicles require some sort of routine maintenance to ensure they keep working the way they were designed to perform. Vehicles with the superior traction control of four-wheel drive (4WD) are no exception and actually require a little more attention and maintenance so they can continue to deliver the capabilities you need from them.

If you drive a vehicle with a 4×4 system, you should get into the habit of having regular maintenance checks after every off-road adventure as exposure to mud, water, dust and dirt can cause parts to wear out faster. Preventive 4×4 system maintenance is essential to avoid breaking down when out on an off-road adventure.

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