Does Your Vehicle Need Different Engine Oil in the Winter?

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Winter Engine Oil

Winter driving offers many of its own challenges as the weather gets worse and temperatures start to drop. There is more to winter driving than just dealing with slippery road conditions. When temperatures drop below freezing, your vehicle also has to deal with the cold weather in a variety of other ways, including its engine. If you don’t have the right engine oil in your vehicle during the winter months, you could be inadvertently damaging your engine every time you start it. Many automakers recommend that you use a different type of engine oil in the winter that can withstand the colder temperatures. Keep reading to learn more about why your vehicle may need different engine oil in the winter, and which kind to use.

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Best Engine Oil to Use in the Winter

The term “oil viscosity” describes how well oil flows at a certain temperature. A thicker oil will take longer to flow through your vehicle’s engine than thinner oil. When the weather is warm, oil flows through your engine more easily than when it’s cold out. Higher temperatures lower an oil’s viscosity whereas lower temperatures increase an oil’s viscosity. Many vehicles will recommend a certain viscosity of oil during cold months than in warmer months, so be sure to check your owners manual to see if your vehicle needs a different engine oil in the winter. If your vehicle can take lighter oil in the winter, it’s a great idea to get an oil change before winter begins to ensure that your engine is protected from the cold temperatures every time you start your vehicle.

If you need further help understanding if your vehicle needs a different engine oil in the winter, please visit Southside Dodge and let one of our professional service technicians help you. At Southside Dodge, we want your vehicle to survive the winter the best it can and that’s why we are always trying to keep our local drivers informed about the dangers of driving in the winter months.

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