Learn How to Choose the Right Tires for Heavy-Duty Towing

2022 Ram 3500 towing a trailer

How to Choose Tires for Heavy-Duty Towing?

When it comes to towing, not every tire is made for really tough jobs. Tires are a crucial element for heavy-duty (HD) pickup trucks, and when it comes to towing a heavy or large trailer, you’ll want to make sure you have the right tires on your vehicle. How do you choose the right tire for HD towing? Keep reading to learn which tires are the best fit for your truck and the things you tow with it.

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Hard-working trucks that need to tow large trailers and haul heavy payloads require the right tire for the job. 

Most new pickup trucks are fitted for tires by the manufacturer, and if you’re buying a new heavy-duty pickup truck, the load-range designation is typically “E” rated. The “E” rated tires mean that they are more durable (as much as 10-ply), and designed with deeper treads and larger beads than that of a typical passenger vehicle. 

At a minimum, the Load Range E Tires can offer support of about 1,360 kilograms (3,000 lbs.) per tire.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Tire for HD Towing

Towing is serious business, and you must have the right tires on your HD pickup truck in order to tow safely and get the best performance out of them. You need specific tires for towing safely because if you choose the wrong ones, the tire may deform under the weight that you’re towing. This can be incredibly unsafe as it can cause a flat tire or even a dangerous blowout. 

If you want the best performance out of your truck, you’ll need the best tires for HD towing. They are specifically designed for the job and can make towing much easier and safer. To ensure that you have the right tires on your new or used HD pickup truck for towing, visit Southside Dodge in Red Deer, AB or call our service department at 833-998-2142.