How to Survive a Vehicle Breakdown in the Winter?

A car driving on snow

Tips to Survive a Winter Breakdown in Your Car

As the cold weather begins to barrel down on us, we are reminded of how dangerous it can be to drive during the winter months. With freezing temperatures and dangerous road conditions, anything can happen when driving on the cold roads of winter. To help you get prepared for a worst-case scenario situation this winter, such as a vehicle breakdown, we are providing you with the tips you’ll need to survive if your car breaks down on a lonely road. Whether your vehicle is new or old, a vehicle breakdown can happen at any time in the winter, so it’s best to be prepared and know what to do if it happens to you. Keep reading to learn more about how you can survive a vehicle breakdown in the winter.

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5 Tips for Surviving a Winter Breakdown

  1. Call for help immediately. Don’t waste any time; if your vehicle breaks down, call for help right away so you’re not left out in the cold for too long.
  2. Don’t leave the safety of your vehicle. When you have a vehicle breakdown in the winter, you DO NOT want to leave your vehicle. Stay inside and wait for help to arrive.
  3. Turn on your vehicle’s emergency flasher lights. Alert other drivers to your breakdown by turning on your emergency flashers. This will help you be seen by other drivers and will get you the help you need more quickly.
  4. Put a sign in your window asking for help. By putting a help sign in your vehicle’s window, you’re notifying other drivers of your emergency situation and vehicle breakdown.
  5. Start your engine periodically to stay warm. Before you turn your vehicle on, be sure to check that your vehicle’s tailpipe is free of snow and ice so you don’t get carbon dioxide in your vehicle.

By following these five tips for surviving a winter breakdown in your vehicle, you’ll make it out of a dangerous situation safely. To help you avoid a potentially dangerous breakdown this winter, contact the service department at Southside Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram to schedule an appointment to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the cold weather.

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