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If you are looking for a fun time for the whole family, consider putting the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame on your to-do list for places to visit this year. You will not only find some amazing attractions and history of Alberta sports but also some amazing family-friendly entertainment, as well.


4 Things You’ll Find in the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame


A Collection of 17,000 Items


The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame boasts 7,000 square feet of space and over 17,000 individual items and artifacts from Canadian sports history. You can easily get lost in the treasure trove of historical items on display.


There are old photos of athletes and classic team photos alike. See jerseys worn by all of the best players. Want to see the actual hockey stick used by your favourite player? You can do that here. Get playfully lost in the thousands of items to see. Whether you want to learn the history or remember the moments, there will be something here for you.


Orest Korbutt Theatre


This 40-seat theatre lets you re-live and celebrate the greatest moments in Canadian and Alberta sports history. The room is climate-controlled and features a full surround-sound system and comfortable seating. Watch awesome video presentations here and Beyond the Classroom Education Packages for younger students to explore their sports heroes and be inspired by them.


If you have ideas and information you wish to share, this is a great place for it. There is a podium available along with a complete setup for microphones and a DVD player for adding some audio/visual flair to your presentation.


Interactive Games and Exhibits


The Hall of Fame isn’t just for witnessing the treasures of sports history. You can play sports here too! They have some great, old-fashioned tabletop games, state-of-the-art interactive virtual games, and other exciting options, such as a 200-meter indoor wheelchair racecourse and a full-sized indoor putting green.


The virtual interactive games include hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball and football. There is an arcade ski racer game, as well, and you can match up against your friends on a table-top curling game or test your climbing skills on the Treadwall, which simulates a climb of Mount Everest. You can even dive into a game of giant snakes and ladders.


Birthday Party Destinations


Want to give your child a birthday they will never forget? The Sports Hall of Fame is a great place to do just that. They have spacious accommodations for large groups to hold birthday celebration events. Your party will have a designated staff member (or two) who can help you keep the games running smoothly and your party rolling, and you’re free to bring in all the decorations and food you want for your party. As an added bonus, all of your guests are free to explore the museum and play all of the games.


If you want something fun and exciting to do this year, don’t forget to check out the Sports Hall of Fame in Alberta. Whether you want to relive the great moments, play some games, view the art exhibit, have a party or view our treasures, you won’t be disappointed. While you’re in the area, visit Southside Dodge Crysler and check out our selection of cars and trucks.


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