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If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, look no further. With a host of impressive features such as keyless entry and fast brake operating systems, the new Dodge Durango is sure to impress. Equipped with numerous exterior, interior, and performance features, the 2020 Durango is the vehicle to beat in 2020.


6 Features of the 2020 Dodge Durango


The 2020 Durango comes fully equipped with convenient technology. With these many features, the Durango is built for great rides and some even greater moments.


1. Keyless “Enter ‘N Go”


With quick and convenient keyless entry, hassle-free access to the new Durango is right at your fingertips. Without having to press on the key fob, drivers simply pull on the door handle to unlock the car. As long as drivers have the key on their person, entering the vehicle is as easy as 1-2-3. Settings can also be adjusted so that only the driver’s door responds to the keyless entry feature.


2. LED Daytime Running Lamps


With LED daytime running lamps, the driver is in control at any time during the day. Whether the sun is out or not, you’ll always be able to see what’s ahead of you on the ride. Other drivers will also always be able to see you coming, helping to keep you and everyone else on the road aware and protected (and getting you a break on insurance, too).


3. Spacious Interior


The 2020 Durango can fit up to 7 people. Take your friends and your friends’ friends along for the ride. And with the 60/40, split-folding, third-row bench seats, even unused passenger places don’t go wasted. Simply fold down the third-row bench seats to make more room for your belongings so you can maximize the interior space.


4. UConnect


With voice-activated UConnect, drivers can stay in control of music, phone calls, and other features without taking their hands off of the wheel. UConnect offers Remote Vehicle Start, Roadside Assistance, Android and Apple device connectivity, route Navigation and available SiriusXM radio all at the command of your voice.


5. Fast Brake Operating Features


Fast Brake features include Rain Brake Support, which removes water from brake pads while windshield wipers are activated. Features also include Ready-Alert Braking, which effectively prepares brakes for panic stops. When the driver suddenly releases the accelerator pedal, Fast Brake’s operating features activate Ready-Alert Braking and help the vehicle to immediately stop in dangerous situations.


6. Blind Spot Monitoring


The Durango’s impressive Blind Spot Monitoring system helps drivers keep track of what’s going on around them. The Durango monitors blind spot zones and alerts drivers when a vehicle arrives in one of these zones, helping the driver make safer lane changes and keeping everyone on the road safe.


With these and many more features, the 2020 Dodge Durango is a great option for your next vehicle. Come visit Southside Dodge Chrysler in Red Deer, Alberta for a test drive today or schedule a walk around video of your the vehicle! Don’t wait! Get ready for a safe, fun, and wild ride in the new 2020 Durango.

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