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Advancements in tire technology have come far, with a host of different options available for your vehicle, but what truly separates these tires? All-season and winter tires are common vehicle talking points here in Alberta, but which one should you equip on your vehicle? Living in Alberta means you need tires equally fit for hot summers and snow-filled winters, which means investing in multiple sets is your best bet to drive at the highest level of performance and safety. Explore more about the differences between all-season and winter tires below, and learn why it’s so important to have the right tires on your vehicle.


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All-Season Tire Features


All-Season tires are exactly what their name suggests, tires fit to perform across all seasons. Although they seem perfect in idea, they’re often less so in practice, especially when you live in an area like Red Deer that sees the extremes of winter and summer, and doesn’t have a consistent year-round climate that delivers the same weather. As such, all-season tires provide adequate performance across all four seasons, but are nowhere close to being as specialized, focused and able to perform to the levels as winter and summer tires are. Below are some highlighted features of all-season tires:


  • Built from a harder rubber material than summer tires
  • Solid tread life that delivers a quiet ride
  • Tread design/style made for low rolling resistance and better fuel efficiency
  • Maintains deep treads to push water to the side
  • Able to balance comfort and maneuverability thanks to durable but versatile sidewalls





Winter Tire Features


Winter tires are built specifically for the winter season, thanks to rubber that can stand up to the cold, and with treads and grooves that allow for supreme traction on both ice and snow. While they are obviously the pre-eminent winter choice, they’re not meant for any other season (as they will wear down more quickly and aren’t designed for other elements), unlike all-season tires. Below are some highlighted features of winter tires:


  • Soft treads digs into snow and ice, keeping your vehicle stable
  • V-groove and unilateral treads can easily move that snow and slush away from your tires
  • Those soft treads equal a smooth ride on the cold pavement
  • Large open tread blocks feature little sipes that are primed to perform in deep now or on wet roads


All-Season or Winter: Which Tires for Your Vehicle?


The type of tires required for your vehicle is largely dependent on where you live. If you live in an area that never gets any snow, you’ll most likely be able to use all-season tires year-round. Still, though, the most sensible choice is to have tires for each driving season (more specifically, for when there’s snow and when there isn’t), utilizing their specific advantages for the weather. Living here in Red Deer means it’s an absolute must that you have winter tires, as all-season tires can’t perform or operate as safely as winter tires, especially when almost half of our year can be under the threat of snow and inclement weather. You can run all-season tires the rest of the year if you like (and be better prepared for surprise spring snow-showers), or switch into summer tires, but once that temperature consistently gets below 7℃ you should be looking to get your winter tires put on.





Get Your Tires Changed at Southside Dodge in Red Deer


Getting your tires switched over multiple times a year might seem like a pain, but coming here to Southside Dodge to get your changeover done is anything but a hassle. Our quick and convenient tire service will get you ready for the season ahead, and with the right tires for your vehicle. If you’re shopping for a new all-season or winter set, we’re more than happy to help you out, and have our tire experts answer any questions you may have. Book your tire service, today, and drive knowing your tires are perfectly primed for the Red Deer roads ahead.

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