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For the first time in two decades, all-wheel drive is available on the Chrysler Pacifica for its 2021 model year! Right out of the gate the Pacifica’s AWD system is the best in the minivan segment, balancing terrific ease-of-use with an efficient ride each and every time. The 2021 Pacifica receives the honour of being the only vehicle with AWD and second and third-row Stow ‘n Go seating. Read on and discover every facet of this new all-wheel drive system on the Chrysler Pacifica, how it succeeds over the competition, how it works, excels in any condition and its terrific fuel efficiency.


Most Advanced AWD in the Minivan Class


The new all-wheel drive system is just one of the many features on the Pacifica that makes it one of the most technologically advanced minivans in its class, including wireless connectivity, interior & exterior cameras, and multimedia touchscreen systems. It really is a minivan that does it all, containing the high levels of utility and versatility you expect out of a minivan, but also coming in a luxurious design that completes the entire package. Living and driving in Red Deer demands a minivan that can take on a variety of conditions, and the Pacifica takes it all with ease, from country roads to city cruising.




How All-Wheel Drive Works on the Pacifica Minivan


All-Wheel Drive is an important system, but one that’s easy to understand. This advanced AWD works by automatically distributing power to the front or rear wheels that need it, as soon as any sort of wheel-slip is detected. The entire system has the capability to transfer 100% of its available engine torque to the rear wheels, or from the wheels who have the most traction. As well as controlling the power to the wheels, the system also helps to minimize possible oversteering, combating it with high-levels of traction, especially on snow, ice, mud, sand and gravel where steering can get dicey. Don’t worry about having to do anything yourself, the system is automatic! When road conditions change by a significant margin, or the temperature drops below 4℃ the AWD will automatically activate.


AWD Capability for Any Road Condition or Season


When you live in Alberta you need a vehicle prepared for it all. Whether it’s just summer driving, commutes in the city, or something a bit more hardcore like exploring our beautiful backcountry or when the snow and ice of winter hits. It doesn’t matter to the Pacifica what’s in the forecast or what conditions lay ahead, its AWD system optimizes traction from bad road conditions to extreme weather to inclines and declines. As soon as a wheel loses traction from these effects, the system automatically transfers power to the needed wheel. A minivan truly built for Alberta life, the Chrysler Pacifica is even more equipped now with its all-wheel drive system.




Fuel-Saving Efficiency


Fighting bad road and weather conditions is usually hard work for a vehicle. It exerts a lot of power to maintain safety and stability, but with the AWD system on this Pacifica the seamless nature of the power and torque used helps to save on fuel. The Pacifica springs into action when needed with its all-wheel drive capability, providing ultimate traction, but when it’s not needed it maintains your fuel efficiency, saving that extra energy for when it’s actually required. The efficiency tech continues thanks to its ability to see and stop the driveshaft from spinning when you don’t need AWD, helping to improve its fuel economy. Its 3.6L Pentastar VVT V6 engine sees a combined fuel economy rating as low as 12 L/100 km.


Truly a minivan for Red Deer living, the added all-wheel drive on the new 2021 Chrysler Pacifica is just one of many reasons why it’s a terrific family vehicle, for any season. If you’re interested in exploring more about it, please take a look through our new inventory, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Southside Dodge with any questions or inquiries.


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