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Synthetic oil has consistently become more and more popular, quickly becoming the norm among drivers. What is synthetic oil, and what makes it so special? Synthetic oil is artificially produced, allowing it to last longer and withstand extreme temperatures, perfect for life in Alberta. Synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil in many aspects, and while coming in at a higher price point, it more than makes up for that difference in the long run. Read on with us at Southside Dodge to explore more about what synthetic oil is, its advantages, and how it compares to conventional oil.


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What is Synthetic Oil?


Synthetic oil is a lubricant made of chemicals that were made artificially, compared to conventional oil that was produced through crude oil. As synthetic oil is produced artificially, all of its molecules are roughly the same size, whereas the molecules of conventional oils are all of varying different sizes. Fully synthetic oil is produced molecule to molecule, without the addition of petroleum, while synthetic oil blends are also available, utilizing a mix of conventional and synthetic compounds.


Synthetic Oil Advantages


Synthetic oil offers many advantages, especially when compared to conventional oil. The following benefits are some of the main highlights that make a clear case of why synthetic oil is incredibly beneficial, and especially for Red Deer drivers.


  • Lasts Longer Than Conventional Oil: Maybe the biggest reason why drivers choose synthetic oil more and more as the norm is its increased lifespan over conventional oil. Synthetic oil change intervals are often double to sometimes three times as long as conventional oil.
  • Flows Well In Cold Temperatures: Think about how often you’re driving in cold weather here in Red Deer and across Alberta? It’s a lot throughout the year, and synthetic oil is specifically geared to perform when the temperature plummets. You don’t lose oil when it’s cold, and it’ll prevent it from becoming so viscous that it can’t properly circulate.
  • Withstands Extreme Temperatures: It’s not just the cold weather that synthetic performs easily in, it does the same in hot temperatures as well. Any extreme temperature, from hot to cold, synthetic oil can take on. Sound familiar? In a place like Alberta that gets frigid winters and sweltering summers, synthetic oil can find a nice home in your vehicle by withstanding the extreme.



Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil


The majority of vehicles are able to be run with either synthetic or conventional oil, although synthetic oil has increasingly started to become the norm, given its penchant for outperforming the traditional kind. While more and more vehicles are able to take on synthetic oil and use it to its top potential, for best performance out of your vehicle you must follow the manufacturer guidelines on the best type of oil for your vehicle. Synthetic oil may not be greater than conventional oil in all aspects of performance (it being notably more expensive, as a big difference), but its properties that do outshine conventional oil, notably longevity and temperature management, continue to make it a clear choice above the former.


Get Synthetic Oil for Your Vehicle at Southside Dodge

It should come as no surprise after familiarizing yourself with the benefits of synthetic oil through this blog that all of its advantages perfectly line up with the conditions we experience here in Red Deer. While synthetic oil may cost more than conventional, you more than make up for that difference in price through longevity and for its ability to hold up in the harsh climates that we live in, which take root year-round, whether hot or cold. Our service and parts departments are here to answer any more questions you may have about synthetic oil and how it can benefit your vehicle, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us, today!


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