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5 Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Tires

5 Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Tires


Signs That Indicate It’s Time To Buy New Tires


Very much like how the tread on the shoes you walk on wear out over time, so do the tires your vehicle drives on. Nothing lasts forever and that is so true with the tires on your vehicle. Over time, tires get old and the tread wears down after many kilometres of driving. With time, how often you drive, and the weather conditions you most frequently drive in, tires will need to be replaced for them to keep giving you the performance and safety you need on the road. As a vehicle’s tires get older, they can begin to break down, dry up and lose their tread. A tire failure, blowout and even a flat tire can be dangerous if it happens at high speeds. How do you know when you’re supposed to buy new tires? Keep reading to learn more about the five signs that indicate it’s time to buy new tires for your vehicle.


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Top 5 Signs You Need New Tires


Below, you’ll see the top five list of warning signs that indicate your vehicle needs new tires. Keep your eye out for any of these signs and be safe on the road.


  1. Low tire tread depth. If your tire tread is quickly disappearing and starting to look smooth, it’s time to buy new tires for your vehicle as this is a sure sign they are starting to fail and wear down.
  2. Cracks starting to show on the sidewall. If any side of your vehicle’s tires are starting to crack, you’ll need to buy new tires sooner than later as it can be very dangerous to drive on tires that are cracked. When a tire has cracks, it can blow out at high speeds causing an accident.
  3. Bulges somewhere on the tire. As a tire begins to weaken, a bulge can appear, showing you that it’s time to replace your tires with a new set that will provide you with the performance and safety you need on the road. A bulge is a weak spot in the tire and can cause a sudden and dangerous blowout while driving.
  4. Excessive noise and vibrations. While some noise and vibration can be normal depending on the road you are driving on, excessive noise and vibration that you’ve never heard before can be a sign that you need to replace your tires. At the very least, you should have your vehicle’s tires inspected by a professional.
  5. Constantly filling up one or multiple tires with air. If you are finding yourself frequently filling your tires up with air, chances are they are beginning to fail and need to be replaced with new ones. If one of your tires or multiple tires is constantly losing air pressure, this could be a sign of a small leak. Have them checked over by your local automotive service provider.


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