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All-Season Tires Vs. Summer Tires


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it hundreds of times, tires are super important to the safe operation of your car, truck or SUV. Just like anything else in the automotive industry, a discussion of the advantages of all-season tires versus summer tires will come down to some fine details that the average buyer might not be aware of. The team of product experts working at the Southside Dodge Service Department is well-experienced in helping people make decisions just like this. Let’s take a look at some things you might not have considered when you’re buying your next set of tires.


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Why Buy All-Season Tires for Your Cars?


For the most part, your vehicle likely came from the factory with all-season tires equipped with the wheels. This is because all-season tires are very affordable and are designed to perform well across a very broad range of conditions, hence their name, ‘All-Season.’ Drivers using all-season tires can drive confidently in almost all conditions found in Alberta for most of the year. However, they will lose effectiveness at temperatures below 7°C. Some of the advantages of using all-season tires include:


  • Wide availability
  • Strong performance in wet or dry conditions
  • Long tread life
  • Capable of handling light snow or ice


Why Should You Choose Summer Tires?


Summer tires are sometimes called high-performance tires. This type of tire is built to promote all of the traits we expect to find with sports cars and other similar platforms when compared to all-season tires. Since high-performance tires have a different purpose than all-season tires, they use a different rubber formulation and have shallower tread depth. All of these design changes are great for carving up the road in a high-performance vehicle, but they also don’t particularly like adverse road conditions. The increases in traction and grip are largely negated when the road is covered in snow and/or ice. Summer tires are great for:


  • Improved speed
  • Increased cornering and braking performance
  • Better performance on wet roads


Make an appointment with the Southside Dodge Service Department, today, if you need a little expert help picking out a new set of tires. If you’re happy with what you have, make sure you schedule an appointment to have your tires rotated on time.

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