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Affordable Car Maintenance & Parts Promotions in Red Deer, AB


It’s not uncommon for people buying a new or pre-owned car to forget about factoring in monthly maintenance costs. Even if the car, truck or SUV you take home is the most reliable platform ever built, it is still going to need oil changes, brake replacements, tire rotations, etc. Everyone working here at Southside Dodge understands this and they are always working to make necessary vehicle maintenance as affordable as possible. The challenge we have run into is letting people know about our programs to offer the most affordable car maintenance near Red Deer, AB. Let’s examine some critical information.


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Seasonal Maintenance Incentives


Every season of the year requires a different approach to vehicle maintenance. Winter means checking the battery for enough cranking amps, changing summer tires out for winter tires and more. Spring and summer maintenance means checking the brakes, replacing the windshield wipers, etc. These are things that need to be done every few months to keep a vehicle ready to tackle the road and the conditions presented to us. Our service advisors put together seasonal maintenance packages to make each of these tasks as affordable as possible.


Southside Dodge recommends checking for these maintenance incentives regularly. They can change often and without notice as the seasons change and our team identifies new opportunities for customers.


Where Can I Get Genuine Mopar Parts?


The Southside Dodge Service Department is staffed by some of the best technicians in their field. However, if you are the do-it-yourself type, we totally understand the desire to turn your own wrenches. Whether you’re changing your own oil or there is a piece of equipment you would like to add to your vehicle, we can help you find it. In fact, our parts department runs its own sales and incentives that might be offering a discount on the exact parts you’re looking for.


This is another time our team would like to politely suggest people regularly check this portion of the page to find some potential discounts on much needed parts and accessories.


Explore Our Available Service & Parts Specials


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The Southside Dodge service and parts departments work very closely together to serve customers to the best of our ability. Make an appointment with us today if there is something we can do to make owning your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle better than it was yesterday.


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