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How Often Should You Change Engine Oil

How Often Should You Change Engine Oil


Oil Change Frequency and Intervals


When owning a vehicle, you must take care of many maintenance and auto service procedures to keep your car, pickup truck or SUV performing the way it was designed to. When taking care of your vehicle’s service and maintenance needs, you’ll have a car you can depend on. At the top of the list of most crucial automotive maintenance requirements is an oil change. Many drivers know that their vehicle needs to have its oil changed, but not everyone knows how often it should be done. To learn more about oil change frequencies and intervals and how often you should change your car’s engine oil, keep reading the valuable information that can be found below.


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When Should I Change My Engine Oil?


If you own a newer model vehicle or a used car that is not more than ten years old, the old rule of getting an oil change every 5,000 kilometres most likely does not apply to your vehicle. With significant improvements in automotive parts that include oil chemistry, fuel-delivery systems and engine materials, today’s vehicles with their more modern engines, can now drive anywhere from 8,000 to 16,000 kilometres before needing an oil change. Which interval is right for your vehicle? Well, the answer can be confusing as it can vary widely based on many factors, including your driving habits, weather and driving conditions.


The key to determining how often you should change your car’s engine oil is to check its owner’s manual. In the owner’s manual, you’ll be able to find valuable information regarding oil change intervals and frequency as well as the type of oil your vehicle needs. Once you’ve learned more about when you should change your engine oil and what type of engine oil it needs, the next step is to keep track of when you get them and how many kilometres you’ve driven in between them.


How Many Months Can I Drive Before I Need to Change My Engine Oil?


Depending on your vehicle, the interval of getting an oil change can range anywhere from six to twelve months. But, don’t wait too long because as your engine oil wears down and gets old, so too does its quality and its ability to protect vital engine parts.


To ensure that your vehicle’s engine is protected, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to have its oil changed, today, at Southside Dodge.


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