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How Much Will EV maintenance Cost?


Drivers looking to get behind the wheel of a new or used electric vehicle (EV) are wanting to drive these types of vehicles for many reasons, including gas-free miles and lower maintenance costs. Some of the top EV vehicles that can offer these qualities include models from Jeep. The average cost to maintain an EV is on average less than that of a gas-powered vehicle. This is because an EV does not require some of the routine maintenance that a gasoline vehicle does. EV vehicles do not need air-filter replacements and oil changes to name a few.


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EV vs Gas Maintenance Costs


Since there is no engine in an EV, there is obviously no need to change an EVs oil as it doesn’t need any. As expected, with no engine, there is no need for oil changes or engine maintenance. With these maintenance procedures off your list of things to do when owning an EV, you’ll find that it is not as expensive to perform maintenance on an EV as compared to a gas-powered vehicle.


If you are looking to drive a vehicle that will save you money on gasoline and on vehicle maintenance over the course of its lifetime, an electric vehicle (EV) is a perfect choice.


Do Hybrid Vehicles Need Oil Changes?


Right now, there are no purely electric vehicles available from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram available. However, that will be changing very soon. In the meantime, Jeep has already entered the hybrid vehicle class with the 4xe iterations of both the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.


While both models use electric motors, there are still gasoline-powered engines under the hood. This type of hybrid vehicle will still require more traditional maintenance, including oil changes.



To learn more about what kind of EVs you can find at Southside Dodge for sale, visit us in person by driving to 2804 50 Ave in Red Deer, AB or give our sales department a call by dialling 833-998-2140. We carry a variety of electric vehicles (EVs), so you’ll have no problem finding one that can give you the performance, technology, safety and comfort you want and need on the road while also keeping your maintenance costs down.



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