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Is Synthetic Engine Oil Better For Your Car?

Is Synthetic Engine Oil Better For Your Car?


Advantages of Using Synthetic Engine Oil


If you’re looking for more information on synthetic engine oil, you’re in the right place. Drivers are always wanting to learn more about their vehicles and many of their maintenance needs and requirements, with oil changes being the most popular. With the information that is provided below, you’ll find out if synthetic engine oil is better for your car and what its advantages are when using it.


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Benefits of Synthetic Engine Oil


In short, yes, synthetic engine oil is better for your car when compared to conventional oil. Synthetic engine oil provides superior engine protection and performance than conventional oil, giving it a huge advantage. Synthetic oil uses higher-quality base oils as compared to the less-refined base oils in conventional oils.


Overall, fully synthetic oils will help your engine combat the build-up of sludge and deposits, reduce wear and tear, protect against high temperatures and keep your oil from breaking down as quickly. Synthetic oil is created through a complex process that removes impurities from the crude oil. It can be tailored to the demands of newer and more modern engines and provide your vehicle with the performance and protection it needs on the road.


Synthetic engine oil also has the added benefit of having longer oil change intervals when compared to conventional engine oil. So, if you’re looking to have fewer oil changes and want more protection, synthetic oil is the way to go.


How Does Synthetic Engine Oil Outperform Conventional Oil?


Synthetic engine oil outperforms conventional oil in many different ways. View the top five ways below.


  1. Greater engine protection.
  2. Keep your engine cleaner.
  3. Flows through engine parts better in lower temperatures.
  4. Better protection at high engine temperatures.
  5. Protects turbochargers from the high heat they create.


To learn more about the benefits of synthetic engine oil and if it is right for your vehicle, visit us at Southside Dodge and one of our helpful service technicians can assist you. You may also use the link below to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle’s engine oil changed to synthetic oil.


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