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Why You Need Routine A/C Service and Maintenance


With summer being around the corner, it’s high time you tune in your automobile’s air conditioning system to beat the scorching heat on your next road trip. It’s easy to overlook your car’s air conditioner because it’s only used a few months of the year. Addressing a car’s air conditioning problems early is important before it gets severe and affects its ability to function properly.


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If you don’t maintain your car’s air conditioning system via routine inspection and service, it can lead to several problems, including decreased fuel economy, engine efficiency and durability. Browse through Southside Dodge to learn some maintenance tips and tricks to ensure the smooth functioning of your vehicle’s A/C.


How to Keep Your A/C Running Smoothly All Summer Long


1. Cleaning and Dusting


The best way to ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle’s air conditioning system is by keeping your vehicle’s interior clean and dust-free. Prevent bacteria from entering the A/C system by removing the debris, dust mites and dirt particles. Routine cleaning and washing also keep the car odour-free and fresh.


2. Change Your Air Filter


A dirty or clogged air filter lowers the fuel efficiency and air quality which consequently affects the performance of the A/C. To restore the proper function of the air conditioning system, change your vehicle’s air filter or clean them routinely, especially after winter, as they may get affected by winter salt accumulation and debris.


3. Keep an Eye on Your A/C Compressor


If you want consistent cool air to blow from your vehicle’s A/C, check the A/C compressor, as it is the core of every automotive air conditioning system. Most working parts or components of an air conditioning system revolve around the compressor.


4. Scheduled Service and Maintenance


Never ignore the significance of your vehicle’s monthly or yearly maintenance and services. When you opt for routine auto maintenance, you get direct access to your vehicle’s performance, functioning and overall health. It also draws your attention to everyday wear and tears that may get severe in future and require a technician’s intervention.


Some Tips for A/C Maintenance


  • Change or flush your car coolant
  • Start with a lower temperature and then increase gradually
  • Sanitizing your air conditioning system to keep off the bacteria and dust build-up
  • Ensure proper functioning of thermostats and valves
  • Keep a check on air vent temperature
  • Use your A/C during the winter for 10-15 minutes to maintain its functioning


Book a service appointment with Southside Dodge Chrysler Jeep’s certified technicians to maintain and repair your vehicles. You can also visit our Service Department in Red Deer, for a routine maintenance or service session to ensure your vehicle’s excellent performance and functioning.

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