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Why Should You Get Your Car Inspected Before a Trip??


If you often go on long hauls and road trips, it’s essential that you schedule a pre-trip inspection or circle check at the Southside Dodge Service Department. In simple terms, it is a process to check your vehicle’s condition, performance and functionality before hitting the road. The pre-trip inspection process both visually and physically examines the car to reduce the potential occurrence of equipment damage, which can bring your vacation to an early and unfortunate end.


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More than a dozen components are inspected and checked before you use a vehicle. A pre-trip auto inspection checklist may cover the following:


  • Check engine lights
  • Transmission health
  • Braking system
  • Engine oil
  • Steering mechanisms
  • Wheel alignment
  • Headlights, indicators and reflectors
  • Front, side and rear-view mirrors


How to Avoid Potential Breakdowns During a Road Trip?


Though there’s always an option to take help from a certified technician at Southside Dodge for pre-trip inspection, you can also prevent potential breakdowns on your road trips by taking care of the following things:


1. Check all the Fluids


To ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle, keep up with the levels of fluids before every trip, including engine oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid, cooling system and brake oil. If you find during a visual inspection that the fluids are not meeting your expectations during a visual inspection, contact the certified technicians at Southside Dodge for a quick vehicle check-up.


2. Routine Maintenance


Routine service and maintenance make a considerable difference in your vehicle’s reliability. They reduce the hassle of pre-trip inspection as you get access to your car’s health on a regular basis. You are constantly updated about the condition of the vehicle, which reduces potential breakdowns while on the road by giving you time to have needed repairs completed.


3. Windscreen Wipers and Fluid


On average, windshield wipers can last between six months to one year; this duration varies mainly depending on usage, vehicle model and maintenance routine. As most windshield wipers are made of rubber, they are worn off quickly, leaving scratches on the windscreen. Damaged windshield blades may also fail to clean the windscreen properly, leading to a blurry or gloomy vision that can be harmful on long routes.


4. Tire Condition and Pressure


Opting for quality tires is important, especially when you’re regularly taking long road trips. Tires maintain the overall balance and control of a vehicle, so you should always ensure they are properly inflated with the correct air pressure. Regularly maintaining your tires reduces the chances of hefty repair costs, breakdowns or tire blowouts.


Browse through the Southside Dodge website to explore our top-notch vehicle maintenance and repair services. Visit our showroom in Red Deer to meet our certified technicians and discuss some easy ways to keep your vehicle in the best condition.


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