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ClearPlex is the best windshield protection you can get for your vehicle, a virtually invisible film designed to withstand damage from road hazards, UV, heat, glare and also helps increase the overall value. Windshield repair and replacements can get pricey, but with a windshield protector like this you’ll be saved from damage to shield your original windshield from avoidable damage. ClearPlex windshield protection comes with a host of benefits that make it a worthwhile investment on your vehicle. Come to Southside Dodge, here in Red Deer, to get ClearPlex installed on your vehicle. Learn more about it below, then contact us to book your service.


What is ClearPlex?


ClearPlex is a multi-layered, optically-clear, nearly invisible protection film that’s specifically designed to protect auto windshields from damage. The protection coating film easily adheres to your windshield, ready to shield against hazards. ClearPlex won’t impair the driver’s vision at all, and is expertly applied to avoid any bubbling or cracking. It’s incredibly durable as well, thanks to the use of a strong adhesive that maintains its integrity at top speeds, where even top performers like the Charger and Challenger will see the ClearPlex film hold steady at racing-level speeds. Not only clear and durable, but it’s also even further functional through providing faster run-off of weather elements like snow and rain, a great benefit for our seemingly ever-changing year-round weather in Red Deer.


ClearPlex Windshield Protection Benefits


Resistant to Impact & Scratches


Typical road damage like rock and debris that may have previously broken your glass without a protection film like ClearPlex will instead see a small pin-point on the film, maintaining the structure of your original glass, and keeping its perfect vision. Its scratch-resistant qualities ward against pesky scrapes and scratches from being permanently encased on the windshield itself.


Reduces Glare, Heat & UV


ClearPlex wards against the damage you can see, as well as the dangers you can’t. UV stabilizers, as part of the film, will prevent the full amount of heat pounding down on your windshield from entering the vehicle. A polarized finish cuts down on annoying glare coming into your vehicle, so you can maintain the best vision ahead possible.


Improves Vehicle Value & Structural Integrity


Having windshield protection like ClearPlex can help improve the value of your vehicle, maintaining the perfect quality of the glass and showing how much care and dedication you put toward the vehicle. As well, by protecting the glass, you’re ostensibly helping to protect the structural integrity of the vehicle as a whole, which the windshield is a large part of. This can help prevent roof collapses and breakage in the event of an accident, keeping all inside the vehicle during such an event.


Protects Against Windshield Service & Repair


Your windshield is obviously a hotspot for a high percentage of damage as it leads you forward down any road, which means it can easily, and more commonly, get damaged. It can get pricey to have your windshield repaired or replaced, especially if it’s a frequent occurrence. The above benefits all add up to this one major reason why ClearPlex protection is so vital, to cut down on additional costs of windshield maintenance and replacement.


ClearPlex Installation at Southside Dodge


Ready to protect your vehicle’s windshield from the hazards of the road? Our local Red Deer dealership has a skilled service team on-hand ready to quickly and conveniently install ClearPlex on your Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler or off-make. Whether it be for your windshield or side windows, or you want to protect against rock chips or heat & glare, ClearPlex is your comprehensive solution to auto glass protection. Contact us at Southside Dodge for any questions, or to book your installation now.


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