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How Do You Change a Car’s Key Fob Battery?


The ability to lock or unlock your vehicle’s doors is one of the most common features in the automotive industry. What was once a premium add-on is now standard equipment, for the most part. If you have a key fob on your key chain, you will have to change its battery at some point. Hopefully, you do this before it’s totally dead, which doesn’t make your vehicle impossible to get into, but, nobody needs any extra aggravation in their day. Let’s take a look at the simple process for changing your key fob’s battery.


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Step-By-Step Tips For Changing a Key Fob Battery


While the form factory of key fobs might change manufacturer to manufacturer, the steps to change the battery are largely the same. The step-by-step instructions put together by our team should work for just about every key fob you’re likely to have in your pocket.


  1. Pick Out the Right Battery: Most key fobs use round, flat batteries, like those used in wristwatches. However, you will want to verify the right kind of battery by looking in the vehicle’s owner’s manual or on the key fob itself.
  2. Find the Seam: The plastic housing used by the key fob is probably two separate parts. If there is a gap on the seam, that is the place to gently pry the key fob apart. Others might require the use of a small knife blade or flat-head screwdriver to take apart.
  3. Replace the Battery: Before taking out the battery, take note of how it’s sitting in its spot. These flat batteries can be difficult to tell the positive and negative sides apart. Place the new battery in its place, just how the old one was sitting. If it falls out in the process of prying it open, there should be some markings on the cover to let you know which end needs to face which direction.
  4. Test it out: Once the battery is placed, immediately test all of its functions. If everything works, you’re done! However, if the locks and/or horn won’t respond, you may need to repeat some steps. The most likely culprit is the battery being put in the wrong way.



How Do You Know a Key Fob Battery Needs to be Replaced?


Your key fob doesn’t use a lot of power, so the battery is going to last a long time. If you buy a vehicle new, it could be years before you even need to worry about the battery starting to die. Some key fobs may have a low battery light. But, if your key fob doesn’t, you will know it’s time to change the battery because you’ll have to be closer to the car to get it to work. Vehicles with keyless ignition will still be able to use the feature if the battery gets low but you may have to hold it closer to the button.


Our team can help you change the batteries in your key fob if you are having trouble with it. Stop by the Southside Dodge showroom, today.

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