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The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been in production since 1992, meaning a lot of people who bought one during its first few years on the market – or, alternatively, people buying used ones more recently – are wondering exactly how long it will last. It’s obviously a car built for durability and function, but exactly how long is it before a new Grand Cherokee may be in order?


How Long Will a Jeep Grand Cherokee Last?


In Terms of Years


The quick answer is that it could – and probably will – last you up to twenty years. It’s a durable car, it’s well built, and it’s designed with longevity in mind. So, unlike luxury sports cars that cycle out of style by the time the new one comes out, a Jeep Grand Cherokee can last you up to two decades (while staying in style, too).


In Terms of Mileage


Of course, years aren’t the only or sometimes the most effective way to measure a car’s lifespan. That handy thing on your dashboard called an odometer can also provide pretty useful information.


This depends more or less on the model year of the car. Some of the early models have been reported to work fine at upwards of 200,000 miles, while others might top out closer to 150,000. A few models – for example, the 2011 – have been reported still ready to burn the pavement at over 300,000 miles. The best way to make sure it keeps functioning at this level of use is to give it proper maintenance.




Like all cars, if something feels off, go fix it. That being said, you don’t only want to get your car checked out when something is noticeably wrong.
Jeep recommends taking Grand Cherokees in for checkups at 7,500 miles, then at 15,000, then again at 30,000 – are you beginning to see the pattern here? Getting it checked out regularly at these recommended mileage points will help make sure yours will be one of the models that makes it upwards of 200,000 miles without stopping.


Buying Used


When Is It Still Good?


As we said before, 20 years or around 200,000 miles is probably the sweet spot for estimating your Grand Cherokee’s lifespan. If you’re buying a used one, though, you’re right to be cautious.


The 20-year estimate isn’t a hard fact. Buying a model from 18 years ago because you “know” it’ll make it another two might not be the best idea. Your first line of defense is checking model year, but make sure you look at the odometer and take it for a test drive, too. Even if it’s 3 years old and only has 15,000 miles on it, if it rattles and gives off black smoke, it hasn’t been loved by the previous owner and it’s best to look elsewhere.


The Jeep Lifespan


Jeeps – especially Grand Cherokees – are long-lasting, durable, functional cars. To make sure yours has the highest possible life expectancy, though, make sure to get it checked out regularly. If treated right, you could drive your baby home from the hospital in the same car you teach them to drive in 16 years later. To check one out for yourself, contact Southside Dodge Chrysler today!

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