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Recent economic events have made gasoline very inexpensive, but mileage is still one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. The Ram 1500 is one of the most durable, technologically advanced, and rugged trucks on the road today. If you live in a geographic region that experiences heavy snowfall, it’s comforting to know you have a truck that is always ready to get you where you need to go and is going to stick with you for the long haul.


How Much Mileage Can You Get On a Ram 1500?


The Ram four-wheel drive is a working vehicle meant to handle heavy loads and rugged terrain. With a 395-horsepower engine that yields 269-foot pounds of torque, you’d expect minimal mileage. However, technological advancements such as an eight-speed, shiftable automatic transition ensure that you get the most power with the greatest efficiency possible. There’s even a mild-hybrid arrangement that adds a 48-volt motor and lithium-ion battery into the power train that can power your accessories for better efficiency.




Mileage always varies based on needs and terrain so you can expect your results to fluctuate with use. Mileage also varies depending on the particular options of the vehicle you select. As a general estimate, the Ram will consume between 14 and 16 liters per 100 kilometers of city driving and between 10 and 11 liters per 100 kilometers for highway driving. The Ram 1500 is available both with either a V6 or a V8 engine, and you’ll see a trade-off in power and mileage depending on your choice.


Selecting the Tires


With as versatile a truck as the Ram, it’s important to ensure you have the perfect package to guarantee the best efficiency from your usage. Fuel efficient tires are available if you are planning on doing a lot of highway miles and can add considerably to your vehicle’s consumption. If you expect you will most often drive off-road or through poor weather conditions, it’s important to select tires with adequate tread for your needs. Our sales consultants can go over the specs with you to ensure you’re getting the perfect set-up for your requirements.


Tank Capacity


The 98 lt. tank ensures this truck has plenty of range. On a full tank, you can expect a range of around 800 kilometers of city driving or 1000 kilometers of highway driving. Heavy loads and towing will lower your range, while fuel-efficient tires will expand it.


The Intersection of Power and Efficiency


Technological advancements and improved efficiency allow the modern Ram 1500 to outperform its predecessors in both power and mileage. Modern features allow these trucks to drive, haul, and tow while leaving a smaller environmental footprint than ever before. When you come in for a visit, we’ll be able to help assess your needs and make sure your truck is equipped to handle everything you need it to do. Contact Southside Dodge Chrysler now to find out how the Ram 1500 truck now has better fuel efficiency than you ever thought possible in such a powerful vehicle.

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