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What Should I Put in a Vehicle Winter Emergency Kit?


We can’t always prevent emergencies from happening but we can prepare ourselves for the possibility something might go wrong. Winter driving can add some extra dangers to an already unpredictable environment. Sliding off the road and becoming stuck is a common and legitimate fear among people driving during the winter months. If this happens, hopefully help arrives quickly. In the event that someone might have to wait a while for a tow truck or other assistance to arrive, having a winter emergency kit in the car will be very helpful. Take a look at some of the suggestions a few Southside Dodge product experts carry with them at all times.


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What Do I Do If My Car Slides Off the Road?


Snow- or ice-covered roads make travel difficult, but we must deal with them if we’re ever going to do anything in the winter. If your vehicle does slip off the road, do the following things:


  • Check on Everyone: Make sure nobody is injured or bleeding. If another vehicle is involved, check on them as well.
  • Call for help: If medical assistance is required, use your phone to give the emergency dispatcher as much information about your location and the injuries as you can. Even if nobody is injured, it may be necessary to call emergency services. The presence of a police car or two will help make the scene safer until the tow trucks can pull the vehicles out.
  • Remain Calm: Losing control of a vehicle is a terrifying situation. Take deep breaths and do your best to remain as calm as possible. Be sure that you are being as safe as possible by staying with your vehicle and away from the road.


How Do I Build a Vehicle Emergency Kit?


Being prepared for an emergency will go a long way toward making sure everyone is kept as safe as possible. Our team recommends having the following basic items in your vehicle at all times.

  • Extra blankets, hats, warm gloves/mittens, and socks
  • Hand warmers
  • Ice scraper/snow brush
  • Working flashlight with extra batteries
  • Jumper Cables
  • First aid kit
  • Bottled water and food
  • Tools or a multi-tool
  • Road flares or reflective triangles


Drivers with larger vehicles like pickup trucks or SUVs could have enough space to bring a few extra items along to help themselves or others who have gone off the road. Our team also suggests people carry some of the following items:


  • A bag of sand or non-clumping cat litter
  • Folding snow shovel
  • Tire chains or tow straps
  • Winter boots
  • Warm sleeping bag


new vehicle with all- or four-wheel drive and a set of good winter tires make winter driving safer, so if you don’t already have one make an appointment with a Southside Dodge product expert, today.

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