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How to Pick Out a Tonneau Cover


The cargo box of a pickup truck is the platform’s quintessential feature. It is built to accommodate almost any purpose, even when that purpose changes. While most people are happy to have the cargo bed of their truck open to the world, some want it covered. Truck caps were popular, but those come with sacrificing a bit of rear visibility. On the other hand, a tonneau cover provides the cover some owners are looking for, while also being flexible. If you’re wondering, ‘How do you pick out the right tonneau cover for your pickup,’ the truck experts at Southside Dodge have some important and helpful tips. Let’s take a look at some things you should know.


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What Kind of Tonneau Covers Can You Buy?


By and large, tonneau covers are divided into two primary categories, hard and soft. Hard tonneau covers offer more protection and more security. Soft tonneau covers can be less expensive and be more flexible for owners. Let’s examine your tonneau cover options.


  • Rolling Covers: The best part of rolling covers is adaptability. Owners only have to expose as much of the cargo bed as they need or want.
  • Hard Rolling Covers: For more security and durability, a hard rolling cover is an available option with an eye on convenience. These types of tonneau covers are reinforced with stronger materials to provide extra durability.
  • Hard Folding Covers: Folding covers are divided into sections to allow for more access to the bed but with even more ruggedness than previously discussed tonneau covers. Rolling retractable hardcovers are also available.
  • One-Piece Covers: These might be the most popular kind of tonneau covers. They can be locked and provide excellent protection from the elements. However, these can limit the kind of items that can be carried in the bed of the truck.

Things To Consider When Buying a Tonneau Cover


There are several different kinds of tonneau covers for people to choose from and each of them serves different purposes. When you’re shopping for a tonneau cover, there are a few things you need to consider.


  • Security: All tonneau covers provide some extra security. Hardcovers can often be lockable while soft covers still provide security by hiding the bed’s contents, but they don’t often have locks.
  • Ease of Access: If you’ll be getting things out of the bed all of the time, having a hard tonneau cover might not be the right choice. Soft covers can be rolled up, making access to the cargo easier.
  • Budget: Like anything else in the automotive industry, price is always a consideration. People looking for a tonneau cover can spend as little or as much as they want.
  • Toughness: If you’re prone to being hard on equipment, that should be taken into account when picking out a tonneau cover. You don’t want to have to keep buying them over and over.


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