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Purchasing a service contract for your Ram, Jeep, Dodge or Chrysler is a perfect way to cover yourself in the future for service needs such as oil changes, tire rotation, repair and more, delivering excellent peace of mind and effective cost benefits. Don’t worry ever again about sudden needs for maintenance or repair given that it’ll be covered by your upfront cost. A service contract with FCA is a terrific plan, thanks to its cost savings on every visit, use at any FCA dealership and ability to transfer. Follow along with us as we help define what service contracts are, their benefits and their cost savings.


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What are Service Contracts?


Think of a service contract as a sort of insurance policy. These plans require you to pay a fee up front, but then covers you into the future for services like oil change, tire rotation, repairs and more. That means you don’t have to worry about paying the cost whenever it comes time for this regular maintenance or for sudden fixes that need to be done, you’ll already be covered thanks to your service contract. A vehicle service contract paid plan is a simple and effective way to cover yourself for needed maintenance, protect against repair costs and drive with peace of mind.





Cost Savings & Versatile Benefits of Service Contracts


Perhaps the biggest benefit with service contracts through FCA is the cost savings that they create, along with their flexibility. Due to the structure of the plans and with payment upfront, you’ll actually be saving on each visit, in comparison to if you had to pay out of pocket each time you needed service. An FCA service contract isn’t just good with us here at Southside Dodge, it’s good at any FCA dealership across Canada and the United States. Further to their versatility is their ability to be stackable, which leads to a longer time limit, and they’re also easily transferable in case you’re looking to sell your vehicle.


Get Service at Southside Dodge


Whether you’re covered by a service contract or not and your vehicle is due for service or repair, Southside Dodge is your top location in the Red Deer area for a convenient, efficient and high quality experience. Our technicians are factory-trained, with the latest tools and years of knowledge working specifically with Ram, Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler models. Booking your next appointment is a breeze thanks to our online booking process, so just fill out our form and get yourself scheduled in!


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