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Why is it so Important to Change Your Car’s Air Filters?


Did you know that air is just as crucial to the operation of your car, truck or SUV as the fuel in its tank? Unfortunately, the air is filled with things that can contaminate the internal combustion process – making air filters a crucial automotive component. So, why is it so essential to change a car’s air filters? Air filters are very simple and work exactly like you think they do. Air filters should be changed at regular intervals as dictated by each vehicle’s manufacturer. Let the Southside Dodge service technicians explain how vital the air filter is to your car.


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What Happens When an Air Filter Gets Clogged?


In terms of overall maintenance cost, changing an air filter is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to keep a vehicle running in peak condition. Skipping out on changing an air filter can lead to any or all of the following issues:


Decrease in Fuel Economy


We have yet to meet a single person who wants to spend more on fuel for their vehicle each month. A dirty air filter can lead to significant drops in fuel economy because the engine has to work harder to burn the contaminated air. The effects might not be as prominent in modern fuel-injected vehicles, though that is no reason to skip changing such an affordable part.





Drops in Performance/Acceleration


Every internal combustion engine is designed to ignite precise ratios of air and fuel. When the air coming into the engine is contaminated by a clogged filter, those figures are thrown out of whack, and the vehicle will struggle to accelerate and fail to produce as much power as it is designed to make. An air filter that needs to be replaced could lead to a six to 11 percent drop in acceleration.


Increase in Emissions


Today’s vehicles are built to emit as little pollution as possible. A failed air filter may decrease how efficiently the fuel/air mixture is burned in the engine, leading to increased emissions. Additionally, the dirty air being burned in the engine may also lead to the fouling of spark plugs and an active check engine light.


Reduced Engine Life


The more complex an automotive repair is, the more expensive it will be. Older power plants with many miles on them will almost certainly have more issues if regular maintenance (like regularly changing air filters) is ignored. The key is for a vehicle owner or subsequent owners to get as many miles as possible out of it before it becomes too expensive to repair. This timeline gets much shorter when the engine is continually breathing dirty air because of a clogged filter.


All of these issues are easily preventable by following the maintenance schedule laid out in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If you have further questions, make an appointment with the Southside Dodge Service Department today.


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