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Top 5 Winter Driving Tips


Winter in Alberta can be beautiful. It can also be nearly endlessly frustrating because the cold temperatures, snow and ice can all work together to make things more difficult. Driving is very much one of those things that are harder in the winter. While we can’t control the weather, we can control how we drive in it. Our team has several decades of driving experience, collectively. They pooled their knowledge to come up with five key tips to help keep our friends and customers safe on the road this winter. Let’s take a look at what they came up with.


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How Do You Drive on Snow-Covered Roads?


Every winter trip is different. But, drivers can help themselves by following one primary rule, slow down. Your vehicle’s ability to stop quickly can be severely compromised by snow- or ice-covered roads. Using winter tires can help a lot and all- or four-wheel-drive can help prevent sliding out of control, but neither will negate the laws of physics.


Additionally, if you come across a snowplow, give it plenty of room on the road. If you need to pass it, do so very carefully.


What Should You Do If You Get Stuck?


Almost nobody will make it through an entire winter driving career without getting stuck or sliding off the road. You might not be able to control getting stuck, but you can be prepared if it happens to make it out safely. If you get stuck:


  • Make sure everyone is ok and doesn’t require medical assistance
  • Stay with your vehicle, and away from the road
  • Turn on your dome light and headlights to be seen easier
  • Only keep the vehicle running if the tailpipe is clear, lest carbon monoxide backs up into the passenger cabin.


How to Dress Kids For a Winter Drive


Getting a small child to dress properly for winter can be challenging in and of itself, but keeping their coats on in the car could be compromising the effectiveness of the car seat. The car seat’s straps aren’t designed to go over a heavy winter coat. Instead, automotive safety experts suggest dressing kids in multiple thin, warm layers and covering the car seat with a blanket.


Use Proper Floor Mats


Nobody wants to track snow or slush inside their car. Using floor mats is a great way to keep the interior as clean as possible. Some people even change out their floor mats for ones that are more suitable for the season. Make sure any floor mats you use are properly fitted so they don’t bunch up and get stuck under the brake pedal.


Fill Up the Tank


There are a lot of reasons to make sure there is a half-tank or more in your car’s gas tank at all times. In the winter, this is especially important. If the fuel level gets too low, condensation can form in the fuel system, which can freeze in low temperatures. Additionally, if your vehicle becomes stuck and you find yourself waiting a while for help, you don’t want to run out of gas trying to stay warm.


Keeping up with regular maintenance is also very important to safe winter driving. If you’ve been putting it off, make an appointment with the Southside Dodge Service Department, today.


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