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If circumstances arise and you want to trade in your vehicle while it’s still under a purchased extended warranty, there are a few possibilities depending on the type of warranty you have. There’s a plethora of extended warranty options available, and thus many with different terms that may or may not be transferable, or that may even see a prorated refund. It’s important to manage and keep on hand all vehicle warranty paperwork, and work with a finance department like ours at Southside Dodge to understand exactly how your extended warranty may be resolved upon its sale.


Are Car Warranties Transferable?


Manufacturer Warranty


If you’re selling a vehicle with a manufacturer warranty still on it, it isn’t something you have to worry about, as this warranty follows the vehicle no matter what and isn’t attached to the owner. These warranties can be tracked to the VIN of the vehicle and are managed at a national level, so you do not have to do any extra leg work to transfer them over.


Extended Aftermarket Warranty


Your extended warranty may or may not be transferable, it all depends on the terms and conditions agreed upon with its initial purchase. Contact the warranty company or our finance department to go over the warranty service contract and what may be able to be done with it upon trade-in. If it is able to be transferred over it isn’t done automatically and must be authorized by you. As well, depending on the type of warranty and its terms, there may be a transfer fee on the warranty.




Can I Get Money Back From My Car Warranty?


Depending on the type of extended warranty you have, if it’s refundable and hasn’t been used, you may be able to get a prorated refund. Locate your warranty paperwork and contact our finance department, so we can work with you and any additional warranty needs to see if you’re eligible and what is required for cancellation. Keep diligent notes of important dates like sale date, trade-in date and any others that may affect warranty coverage and term. Our finance department will work with you to see what your options may be, and provide the next steps on both your warranty and trade-in vehicle.


Trade-In Your Vehicle at Southside Dodge


If you’re ready to trade-in your vehicle, our team at Southside Dodge is more than happy to walk you through the entire process. From appraisal to helping you deal with any remaining extended warranties and outlining your options, we provide comprehensive dealership solutions. Please contact our finance department directly, especially if the extended warranty you have was previously purchased through us. Our experienced finance experts will work to not only square everything away on the vehicle you’re trading in, but assist you on any new vehicle purchase you’d like to make. For anything regarding the warranty and finances of your vehicle, upon purchase or sale, contact our Southside Dodge finance department for thorough assistance.


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