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You’re about to buy that brand-new vehicle you’ve always wanted, whether a tough Ram truck, off-road-ready Jeep or anything else in-between, you love its shiny, colorful coat of paint and want to keep it that way. Even casual driving over time can take a toll on that gorgeous covering of paint. Hazardous road debris can cause chips, while mother nature wears down your paint with dirt, bugs, and other elements. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Protect your vehicle from wear and tear with aftermarket paint protection coating. What exactly is this aftermarket paint protection, and is it worth it for your vehicle? Follow along as we at Southside Dodge help explain what paint protection coating is, and how it can be an important protective addition for your vehicle, both for its exterior and value!


What is Paint Protection Coating?


An aftermarket paint protection coating is a treatment applied over the paint, providing a durable layer of protection over your paint job. This nearly-invisible coating allows your paint job to maintain a showroom-ready shine, but with a shield against common damage. It’s not meant for large-scale accident damage, or dents and scrapes, but excels in warding off ordinary annoyances from your daily drives. Whether that’s stone and rock chips, bugs, animal droppings, tree sap and fading, the coating serves to protect that valuable paint below from avoidable disturbances.


Is Paint Protection Worth It?


While the paint protection coating comes at an extra cost, it has several benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. From durability to cleanliness to resale value, paint protection is a cost that creates peace-of-mind, convenience and allows you to better maintain your vehicle’s value. Below are a few highlights of what makes aftermarket paint protection a valuable investment.


  • Easier-to-clean: If you like your vehicle to look good, but don’t like the time spent cleaning it all of the time, paint protection helps make the job a bit easier, and ensures you won’t have to spend extra time repairing damage. 


  • For Those Who Drive A Lot: If you drive your vehicle a lot, that’s added time your vehicle is out in the elements, and more susceptible to this common damage. If you’re out on the road every day, racking up kilometres on the odometer, paint protection is worthwhile to keep your vehicle protected over those long days.


  • Uncovered Parking: If you don’t have the benefit of covered parking, such as in a garage or parkade, and have to park your vehicle outside overnight, paint protection is a smart addition. You never know what kind of weather, animal, people or other vehicle may do to damage your vehicle if it’s stuck outside without protection.


  • Value: If you have an eye to sell your vehicle in the future, you’re going to want to keep resale value  as high as possible. This takes away the worry of having to get your vehicle repainted before you sell it, and so you won’t have to invest in repairing any damage (at least not any major damage) done to the paint job. As well, proving you’ve had this treatment done can go a long way in showing how much care was put into the vehicle to any prospective buyer.




Get Aftermarket Paint Protection at Southside Dodge


If aftermarket paint protection is something you want for your vehicle, we’ll ensure it’s done for your vehicle here at Southside Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Red Deer. Our service & detailing department is staffed with certified technicians who have years of experience working with FCA and off-brand vehicles, ensuring they exist at their prime quality for years to come. If you have any questions about our aftermarket coating, the process, the cost, or anything else regarding the worthwhile protection of your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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