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Your vehicle is one of the most important things in your possession, and one that you’ve no doubt invested a lot of money into, so ensuring that it always operates in top condition is vital. There are many reasons why getting regular maintenance on your vehicle is so important, from making sure it’s always running at peak performance, to cutting down on future repair costs to preparing it for each season and just generally extending its life. The factors are endless why regular maintenance is crucial, but we’ve gathered together some of the most important ones to highlight the need for a consistent maintenance schedule. Read on and take note of our brief list, so you know why it’s always in your best interest to visit a dealership like ours at Southside Dodge for regular vehicle maintenance.

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Inspection & Changing of Important Systems

There are a lot of moving parts and fluids in your vehicle, all of which need to be consistently checked. Parts and systems must be operating properly and swapped out if required, otherwise, there could be costly damage done to your vehicle. The following are some major components of your vehicle, which all demand to be checked regularly through consistent vehicle maintenance.

  • Oil: Maybe the most important and well-known, your oil needs to be changed regularly to avoid turning into dirty sludge, and so that it stays in proper lubricated condition for your engine.
  • Fluids: From brake to steering to transmission fluids, all of these can break down and run low over time, leading toward a shortened life of its related parts and making them perform well below a safe standard.
  • Brakes: Brakes must be checked consistently, from the hydraulic system to the brake pads, and it may be time to replace them even before an indicator light alerts you.
  • Tires: From direct contact on the road, your tires are always in danger of wear, but proper air pressure and rotation can help even out the effects and extend the longevity of your set.


Keep Your Vehicle Running at Peak Potential

Sometimes if you’ve been driving your vehicle for so long you might not know what you’re missing. Maybe you just assumed that was the limit of traction you could get out of your tires, that your vehicle had an uneven ride, or that your steering wasn’t as smooth as other vehicles. That’s most likely not the case, and the reality is, those parts and systems are worn down, need replacing, new fluids or proper maintenance from a service team. In no time, convenient service will help return your vehicle back to its intended potential, and make you feel like you’re driving a brand-new car.

Prevents Major Issues in the Future

If you maintain your vehicle on a set schedule, should there be any problems, you’ll be able to catch them right away, getting them fixed before they turn into anything major. This not only prevents larger damage, but also helps you save money. Of course, major cost is associated with major repair damage. Paying a little bit now is a way better choice than paying a lot in the future. Drive smart and come in for your regular appointments to keep up on even the tiniest of details.


Maintain Your Vehicle’s Safety

Just like helping prevent major issues from occurring in the future, regular maintenance ensures that your vehicle is always running to the peak of its safety standards. You never know when a part may break down, whether late at night or on what you thought might’ve been a short trip to the store. Keeping up-to-date on all the systems and parts in your vehicle helps prevent unpredictable malfunctions. Drive with more peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle is always operating under a state of care and safety.

Preparation for Each Season

We live in a city and province that all seasons hit hard. Whether it’s the bitter cold of winter or the sweltering heat of the summer, your vehicle needs to be in top shape and condition to perform in these elements. From equipping the proper summer or winter tires, to checking tire pressure, and inspecting systems like heating, air conditioning, exhaust and the transmission, there’s a lot to go over when the season changes. Make sure you get your vehicle inspected and prepared before the new weather takes hold.



Maintains Resale Value


Plan on selling your car in the near future, or even years from now? You’ll want to stay on top of regular maintenance to not only make sure your vehicle is running in great shape years from now.  Give future buyers incentive to purchase your vehicle from knowing how well looked after it was. This will, in turn, help you secure a better offer, with a prime quality vehicle to be sold by an owner who cared for it its entire life.


Get Your Vehicle Serviced at Southside Dodge in Red Deer


Luckily, getting consistent and high quality service is easy when you deal with a comprehensive dealership such as ours at Southside Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Not only do we employ the best certified trained technicians with access to genuine Mopar parts/accessories and the latest FCA tools and technology, but it’s simple to book an appointment. Conveniently schedule your next vehicle maintenance through our online booking form, and get your valued car, truck, SUV or van into us for proper care!

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