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Jeep Ducking

What is Jeep Ducking?

In the heart of Bancroft, Ontario, a quirky Jeep movement was born, by the the creative visionary Allison Parliament. She was dedicated to brightening days and fighting negativity. Dubbed "Duck Duck Jeep," this tale begins in July 2020, amid the global chaos of COVID-19. Fear and intolerance were rampant, but one Jeep Wrangler owner decided to turn the tide.

With Alabama plates on their Wrangler, the adventure started. After an unsettling incident in Woodstock, Ontario, they sought refuge in Bancroft, accompanied by their trusty friend Peter. Their cousin Jade was their gracious host, and amidst the laughter and camaraderie, a whimsical idea took shape.

A visit to Steadmens, a charming shop in downtown Bancroft, led to a discovery—a bag of ducks. Inspiration struck, and mischievous intentions were set in motion. Ducks were to be hidden around Peter's home before the Jeep owner's return to Alabama. The plan was simple: these ducks would sporadically appear, prompting a baffled Peter to question his choice of friendship.

With stealthy maneuvering, the ducks were procured, and the initial mischievous plan was hatched. Alas, even the best-laid plans sometimes encounter obstacles. But this detour proved to be the pivotal moment that launched Duck Duck Jeep into the world.

A sharpie found its way into the hands of our protagonist, and a duck was adorned with the words "Nice Jeep" and a friendly message. Intending to place it on the windshield of a nearby Jeep, laughter ensued when the Jeep's owner caught them in the act. This encounter sparked an idea—to share this lighthearted act on social media.

Thus, #duckduckjeep and #duckingjeeps were born, along with a Facebook page that evolved into a full-fledged group. Official Ducking Jeeps Est 2020 quickly gathered a community of kind-hearted individuals, each committed to spreading positivity. This movement resonated far beyond the streets of Bancroft, reaching global proportions and fostering support for those in need.

Creator Allison Parliament, hailing from Ontario, Canada, was the visionary behind Duck Duck Jeep. After a crazy experience left her yearning to combat the negativity enveloping the world, she took a simple rubber duck, placed it on a Jeep, and got caught red-handed. But from that mischievous moment, kindness began to flourish.

Parliament's first ducking took place with a "really nice Jeep Wrangler in the parking lot, tricked out and lifted." Armed with a duck and a marker, she inscribed "Cool Jeep" onto the tiny figure before placing it on the door. A quick snapshot and an Instagram post later, complete with the hashtag #duckduckJeep, ignited the spark that led to an extraordinary movement.

As Duck Duck Jeep continues to thrive, it stands as a testament to the power of unity and the impact that a group of dedicated individuals can make on the world—one quack at a time. 🦆🚙

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Is Southside Dodge Ducking Jeeps?

Yes! We're thrilled to dive into this incredible game alongside you. Keep your eyes peeled, because if you're ducked, capture the moment with a photo, tag us, and open the door to exciting contests on the horizon! 📸🦆

Stay tuned for more quack-tastic adventures coming your way!

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