Service Tips For Your Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or Ram

Taking care of your vehicle can seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of education and regular maintenance, it’s something that anyone can do. Here at Southside Dodge in Red Deer, we’ve put together some of the best tips and signs to look for to make sure that your vehicle is running in top shape. From checking your oil, tire pressure, and coolant levels, to looking for signs of wear and tear on belts and hoses, you can quickly and easily assess the health of your vehicle. Take a look at our guide below and get started on the road to keeping your vehicle running in peak condition!

Oil Changes

Importance of Oil Changes

Getting regular oil changes is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle. Oil helps to lubricate the engine, reduce friction, and prevent it from overheating. It also helps to keep dirt and other particles out of the engine, allowing it to run more efficiently. By getting oil changes frequently, you can help extend the life of your vehicle and prevent costly repairs in the future. So, be sure to stay up to date with your oil changes and keep your engine running in its best condition!

Oil Change Intervals

We know getting your oil change is important, but really how often should you be getting it done? That old rule of every 5,000 kilometres may not be necessarily true in your case.

Why Use Synthetic Oil?

Why switch from conventional oil to synthetic oil? There are many benefits, including running cleaner, better protection, improved flow when it’s cold and more stability in the heat.


Importance of Tire Rotation

Uneven tread wear is a detriment to the longevity, safety and performance of your vehicle. Luckily, it can be combated with a tire rotation.

Tire Replacement Signs

A loss in performance or wear could be signs it’s time to get your tires replaced. Here are some signs to look out for to see if you’re in the market for a new set.

Parts Replacements

Tire Pressure Info

The right tire pressure is crucially important. Too much can wear out the treads in the centre, while too little can wear out the treads on the outside. Learn all about regular pressure checks.

Battery Replacement Signs

How do you tell if it’s time for a new battery? Here are a few signs that’ll help you find out. Remember to get regular battery tests so you’re always aware of its condition.

Brake Replacement Signs

Brakes are one of the most important components on your vehicle, and thus so is their health. Getting them replaced at the right time can save you time, money and help prevent damage.

Wiper Blade Replacement Signs

Quality wiper blades are important, so take a look through these signs that it may be time to invest in a new set.


Our Service Technicians

Our factory-trained technicians have hours of training, years of experience and the best tools to work specifically on your FCA model.

Quick Lube

Our Quick Lube bay gets you in and out for service like an oil change quick and conveniently. Experience the difference of our no appointment necessary service drive-through.


Mopar Accessories

Personalize your vehicle with accessories. Whether it’s to make it more sportier or rugged, our Mopar accessories are designed specifically for your vehicle.

Mopar All-Weather Mats

When the weather gets sloppy in Red Deer, or if you’re consistently tracking in dirt and mud, all-weather mats help keep your vehicle clean. Learn how they’re perfect to contain grime.

Our service department is not only here to repair, maintain and service your vehicle, but also to help educate you on how to best care for your vehicle, to improve its performance and longevity. If you have any more questions, we’re always here to answer them, so don’t hesitate to drop by in person, or reach out by phone or online

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