How Are the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L and 2022 Wagoneer Different?


There have been some major additions to the Jeep lineup over the last couple of years. Recently introduced models like the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L and 2022 Jeep Wagoneer are each classic nameplates with storied histories. For the 2022 model year, both platforms offer Southside Dodge customers very well-equipped, refined and high-performing platforms that can check a lot of boxes. However, there are some subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the two SUVs that could be very important to buyers looking for the right vehicle.


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Which Is Bigger: 2022 Grand Cherokee L or 2022 Wagoneer?


Both the 2022 Grand Cherokee L and 2022 Jeep Wagoneer offer three rows of seats. The standard seating layout for the Grand Cherokee L will hold six passengers and up to eight people can ride in the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer. Additionally, both Jeep SUVs offer an alternate seating configuration that can hold seven people each.


Legroom is often a concern for people riding in the second or third rows of any SUV. The current Grand Cherokee L and Wagoneer models are very competitive with one another in the second row. Although third-row passengers in the Wagoneer will have a little bit more space to stretch their legs than their counterparts riding Grand Cherokee L’s third row.


  2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2022 Jeep Wagoneer 
Seating Capacity  Std – 2/2/2 (2nd Row bucket)
Opt – 2/3/2 (2nd Row bench)
Std – 2/3/3 (2nd Row Bench)
Opt – 2/2/3 (2nd Row Capt.)
Legroom (mm/in) 1st Row – 1,050 / 41.3
2nd Row – 1,000 / 39.4
3rd Row – 770 / 30.3
1st Row – 1,038 / 40.9
2nd Row – 1,084 / 42.7
3rd Row – 929 / 36.6
Headroom (mm/in) 1st Row – 1,012 / 39.8
2nd Row – 1,014 / 39.9
3rd Row – 947 / 37.3
1st Row – 1,049 / 41.3
2nd Row – 1,016 / 40.0
3rd Row – 990 / 39.0
Cargo Volume (L/cu.-ft.) 1st Row – 2,395.6 / 84.6
2nd Row – 1,328.0 / 46.9
3rd Row – 487.0 / 17.2
1st Row – 3,304 / 116.7
2nd Row – 2,004 / 70.8
3rd Row – 775 / 27.4


Cargo Volume Dimensions


When it comes to cargo-hauling capability, the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer offers more interior space than its Grand Cherokee L sibling. Under almost any other circumstance, the Grand Cherokee L would be a leader in the three-row SUV class for cargo space, offering up to 2,395.6 litres (84.6 cu.-ft.). Southside Dodge customers looking for a three-row SUV platform with as much cargo volume as possible will want to look at the 2022 Wagoneer with its more than 3,300 litres (116.7 cu.-ft.) of cargo volume.


Grand Cherokee L and Wagoneer Performance Comparison


Both Jeep SUVs will never be lacking in performance. Southside Dodge customers leaning toward taking the 2022 Grand Cherokee L will have a pair of engine options to consider, a V-6 or V-8. All 2022 Wagoneer models employ a different version of the V-8 power plant employed by the Grand Cherokee L, but with the automaker’s eTorque mild hybrid system attached.


Regardless of which SUV platform or engine architecture a Southside Dodge customer chooses to take home, they will have plenty of performance to work with and use as they need.


  3.6-L, Pentastar V-6 5.7-L, V-8  5.7-L, V-8 w/ eTorque 
Horsepower 293 357 392
Torque (lb.-ft.) 260 390 404
Transmission 8-speed Automatic 8-speed Automatic 8-speed Automatic
Max. Towing (lb.-ft.) 2,812 / 6,200 3,265 / 7,200 4,536 / 10,000
Available on: Grand Cherokee L: Laredo, Limited, Overland, Summit Grand Cherokee L: Overland, Summit Wagoneer: All Trims


Another consideration Southside Dodge customers need to make when choosing between the two three-row, high-performance SUVs is towing capability. We can see in the above chart that both vehicles have incredible towing capacities. The Grand Cherokee L can tow up to 2,800 kg (V-6) or almost as much as 3,300 kg (V-8). Jeep engineers have equipped the Wagoneer to be able to pull more than 4,500 kg or 10,000 pounds – rivalling many light- or medium-duty pickup trucks.


This information barely scratches the surface of what either of these two incredible platforms has to offer. Make an appointment with a Southside Dodge product expert, today, to learn more.

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