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One look at any of the Jeep models available at Southside Dodge will let you know just how capable they are of dominating almost any environment. It also shouldn’t be terribly surprising that this is also a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Jeep models as well. Did you know that the automaker has been hiding messages and other fun visual treats on its vehicles for years? Our team enjoys looking for the hidden gems each model year, and they thought you’d like a little answer key to where you can find the 2022 Jeep Easter eggs. Let’s take a look.


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Does Every Jeep have Easter Eggs?


Jeep started adding hidden Easter eggs in 1997 on the Wrangler TJ and has expanded the list of included models each year. According to our research and experience, there is at least one Easter egg to be found on the Wrangler JL, Renegade, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Compass and Gladiator. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting Jeep Easter eggs.


Wrangler JL


  • A hidden morse code message below the 12-volt plugin
  • “Since 1941,” displayed in the gauge cluster upon ignition
  • Willys Jeep pictogram on the Rubicon trim’s wheels




  • A Spider saying, “Ciao Baby” below the fuel filler
  • Several X logos represent mounting brackets for jerry cans
  • Classic Jeep grille pictograms embedded into mirror housing and speaker trim
  • See our Renegade Easter Eggs!


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Grand Cherokee


  • Original Willys Jeep pictogram embedded in headlight lenses
  • A digital Easter egg showing the front end of the vehicle is in the main menu
  • More Grand Cherokee pictograms spread throughout the passenger cabin




  • Lizard and Loch Ness Monsters in plastic trim (Compass)
  • Rubicon trail map under the passenger seat (Cherokee)
  • Jeep grille design on wiper fluid reservoir (Cherokee)




  • Flip flops imprinted on the cowl
  • Topographical map on some floor mats
  • Seven-slot grille design on hood vents


There are so many more Jeep Easter eggs to discover. Make an appointment with a Southside Dodge product expert, today, and we’ll hunt for them while you decide which Jeep model you want to take home.

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